Sassy @ Sixty


I never saw it coming! My generation was taught not to trust anyone older than 30 and if you made it to 40, boy, you must have had guardian angels watching over you. By the time I turned 50, I had just graduated from college with a Broadcast Communications and 3.65 GPA. It’s amazing how well you can do when you’re a non-traditional student and scared to death you’ll look like an idiot in front of 18 year olds.

I realized once I turned 50 I needed to get serious about saving for retirement! But even thinking of retirement was a stretch! Geez Louise, my mother was over 70 and still working full time. And, my physical health was 10X better than hers when she was my age. In any case, I continued to see retirement far far away in another galaxy and was feeling pretty fabulous at 50.

And then it all came crashing down to earth! The space junk from some far away planet crashed into my very being (yes, I know it’s a cliche’ and overly dramatic)! I turned 60!

I could have sworn I just picked out my Confirmation dress!  And wasn’t it just yesterday, during driver’s training, that my best friend Beth and I giggled in the backseat because the boy’s up front wouldn’t listen to Mr. Hayden’s directions?

I never saw it coming!

But this time I have a plan. I’m going to enjoy being sassy at 60!


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